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counterfeit money detector pen 01-电子游戏产品

counterfeit money detector pen
product name:counterfeit money detector pen
item:pen 01

xinda sells high quality counterfeit money detection pens. the money tester pen is a new device that is simple and economical to use. it can tell the diffrence between a fake and genuine note within seconds!

a must have item for all shop keepers, market traders, taxi firms, clubs, pubs and any business that accepts cash. buy your money tester pen here.

don't get caught out!
fake euro, dollar and pound notes are currently circulating in the worldwide economy. advances in printing tecnologies, have made it easier for counterfeiters to produce extremely good copies of genuine bank notes. if you accept counterfeit money you loose out. there is no compensation! use money tester pen.


money tester pen works by simply making a small mark on your note. if the mark appears clear, like a water mark, then the note is real. if the mark appears black or brown then the note is counterfeit.

easy to use.

one pen is good for over 1000 tests.

tested on currencies worldwide.